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5 Differences Between CBD Waxes and CBD Capsules

5 Differences Between CBD Waxes and CBD Capsules

There are different ways to use CBD, so here are some key differences between CBD waxes and CBD capsules. Which form of CBD do you prefer?

Medical cannabis is under lots of innovation. Since the cannabis industry is expanding, more consumption methods are available to support a wide range of customer preferences. The same goes for hemp CBD products, which users love for its myriad of health benefits.

When you use hemp derived CBD, different consumption methods are better for individual folks.

Some prefer vaporizing CBD because of the instant benefits. Others prefer consuming CBD because they have difficulties inhaling vapor.

This is why CBD waxes and capsules have been popular amongst CBD users. If you’re new to CBD and are unsure which product will work for you, here are 5 common differences between the two consumption methods.

1. You Inhale One and Swallow the Other

The easiest difference between CBD waxes and capsules is the consumption method: you inhale wax and you swallow capsules.

With CBD wax, you vaporize the wax and inhale the vapor. You need a special vape pen to burn the wax and transform it into vapor. The wax itself is hard; you’ll need a special tool to break off a small piece and place it in the vape pen.

From here, you light up the vape pen and it burns the wax to a vapor. You breathe into the vape, inhale the vapor, hold the vapor in, and breathe it out.

CBD capsules can be easier — you simply swallow the thing!

Usually you’ll swallow a whole capsule, and some CBD capsules come in breakable tablets. This method is helpful for people who can’t inhale smoke or vapor. You can also take a CBD pill quickly, whereas vaporizing CBD takes some time to ready the concentrate and device.

Both wax and capsules are made of the same product: CBD extracted from hemp.

2. One Provides Instant Relief, the Other Takes Time

A major difference when inhaling versus swallowing CBD is the way your body absorbs the CBD. Each method takes a different amount of time to absorb the CBD.

If you need fast relief, stick to inhaling CBD waxes. When you inhale CBD into your lungs, the CBD immediately goes into your bloodstream. This helps the cannabinoids get to your cells faster so you feel the health benefits quicker.

Swallowing CBD takes a lot longer. Before the CBD enters your bloodstream, it has to go through your digestive system. This can take up to an hour, sometimes longer, to feel the CBD benefits.

If you need fast relief, especially if you suffer from daily pain, inhaling CBD is your best option.

If you want to swallow CBD capsules, make sure you take your serving before you lose the effects of your previous serving.

For this advice, knowing your preferred quantity and how long CBD lasts is different for each individual. Experiment with trial and error.

3. One is Best for the Daytime and One is Best for the Nighttime

If you’re interested in taking both CBD waxes and capsules, you can safely take both. To better track your mg’s of CBD, you should save one for daytime and one for nighttime.

CBD wax is best for the daytime. You can easily pack your vape pen and inhale the vapor. You’ll feel instant results that will last awhile. If you need another round, just keep your vape pen packed and inhale whenever it’s necessary. It’s also super easy to customize your CBD vaping experience with custom blended terpenes to give desired effects like focus, drowsiness, and relief.

Since CBD doesn’t cause you to become high, you can inhale CBD throughout the day. You can use CBD at work, at school, or anywhere it’s necessary.

If you want long nighttime relief, use CBD capsules.

These take a long time to process, but its effects are long-lasting. CBD capsules are recommended for those who experience insomnia, especially if the insomnia is a symptom of a major health ailment.

Take a CBD capsule an hour before bed. Once you get in bed, the CBD pill will help you sustain a full nights rest.

4. Each Have Different CBD Concentrations

While there’s no fixed quantity to take for any CBD user, it is helpful to understand concentration basics for consumption methods. Since each consumption method affects you differently, it’s best to test out a delivery method that works for you.

CBD waxes and capsules have general pointers.

If you plan on consuming a lot of CBD, use CBD wax. Since you’re using a vape pen, your inhales are more controlled, and the wax tends to be much more concentrated than a capsule is with CBD. You can use as much as you need to, and save the leftover wax for another serving.

However, a capsule is different. They tend to have CBD oil mixed with a carrier oil, like olive or MCT. If you would rather have extended results, though not as immediate, capsules are your best bet.

Capsules do take a long time to go into effect, and their results are longer lasting than inhaling. Each person is different, but you should only take a few CBD capsules each day.

5. Doctors Recommendation

The most important decision when choosing a CBD consumption method is listening to your doctor’s advice.

When you go to your primary physician or a medical marijuana doctor, they will use their knowledge of ailments and cannabis to create the perfect serving plan.

Your doctor may also compile a consumption plan based on your individual needs. Some people can’t inhale any type of smoke and others should get fast symptom relief.

If you’re still confused about the different consumption methods and serving sizes, contact our online store. The staff will help guide you through the perfect CBD consumption method and dosage.

Will You Consume CBD Waxes or Capsules?

CBD has been groundbreaking in dealing with several physical and mental disorders.

Both CBD wax and capsules are effective at helping with a variety of ailments. Some definitely prefer one method over the other.

Knowing the differences between both is essential to proper healing and symptom management. Do some trial and error with inhaling and swallowing CBD, and discover which method works best for you.

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