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CBD Dabs: 9 Benefits of Using Concentrated CBD

CBD Dabs: 8 Benefits of Using Concentrated CBD

There are a number of benefits that come with trying concentrated CBD. Take a look at why you should consider trying CBD dabs.

When you hear the word dabbing, your mind probably goes to the ridiculous dance meme that’s been going on for a few years now. That’s NOT what we are referring to. We are talking about CBD products.

Dabbing is the method by which you take in CBD wax, shatter, butter and powders. It has the unfortunate resemblance to the techniques used with harder drugs, but rest assured, the substance doesn’t have the same side effects as those sketchy products.

Dabbing actually has a number of benefits.

Here 9 ways you can utilize the benefits of CBD dabs.

1. Dabbing is Better for those Just Starting Out

There are some who are turned off by the idea of smoking the marijuana plant. This is for a good reason. It can irritate your throat and lungs and cling to your clothes. This is due to the burning of the cellulose fiber found in the flowers of the hemp plant. Edibles are another option, but they can take up to a couple of hours to begin working.

The attraction with a concentrate like the dabs and waxes is that it is much healthier to use than using the flower. The oils are removed from the plant material in a very special process, making the quality of the dabbable extracts much higher than other types oils you can put in a vape pen. First timers will have a better experience in terms of taste and effects using our specially formulated CBD dabs. And utilizing the best dab pens available makes the process even easier.

CBD dabs also allow you to experiment with finding your serving size without being overwhelmed by the high of THC. Just like the name implies, a very small amount, or a dab, is all that is needed.

2. It’s Potent

Other consumption methods don’t compare to dabbing in terms of potency. You will find that as long as you get a high-quality product, common issues such as nausea, chronic pain, and anxiety will ease up in record time.

A little dab will go a long way. It’s recommended that you start small and go up little by little as you need it. By using a dab kit, you can heat your extract at a lower temperature than that of smoking. This will create a gentle vapor that you can inhale.

3. Acts on Inflammation

The reason why CBD dabs are such great pain relievers is due to their ability to act as an inflammatory. It makes it could be an effective solution for some pain associated with the complications from arthritis and chronic pain.

It’s able to do this because Cannabidiol’s genetic makeup is similar to cannabinoids found in your body. These receptors could easily bind to the CBD, allowing it to act quickly to bring you relief.

4. Antiemetic

CBD dabs could bring fast relief for nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, or just anything that involves an upset stomach.

It could possibly go as far as to help with the sickening side-effects of other drugs like morphine or oxycodone, or any of the myriad other pain pharmaceuticals. If your nausea is preventing you from eating, no worries. This is because dabbing could also bring your appetite back to life as well.

You may be thinking, “But there are several over the counter medications that can do the same thing, right?” That is true, but those usually come with unwanted side-effects. The lack of those makes CBD a better choice in the eyes of most.

5. Anticonvulsant and Mood Stabilizer

If you have suffered from seizures or epilepsy, dabbing CBD could be a fast way to put these horrifying symptoms on hold.

CBD concentrate could help muscle spasms. It could also help with nerve damage and other neurological conditions.

CBD oil could act as a mood stabilizer. This means that instead of you having to wait weeks for your anti-depressants to work, dabbing CBDs can typically help you in minutes. The best part is, it won’t bring the same side-effects that most anti-depressants sack you with.

6. It’s Heart Healthy

CBD concentrate could possibly benefit your heart and circulatory system. It does this by dilating vessels and improving circulation.

It has the possibility to help lower blood pressure in men and the anti-anxiety effects help the heart and circulatory system overall.

CBD has a high antioxidant content which releases free radicals in the bloodstream that are linked to heart disease and other life-threatening heart conditions.

7. You Can be Sneaky With it

With the new craze on vaping, you can stealthily get your CBD dabs into your system by blending in.

It’s unlikely that anyone will notice because most dabbing extracts does not leave foul odors behind. Notice we said most. There are some that do have a lingering scent, and you will want to follow local regulations when it comes to vaping in public.

8. It Can be Used with Other CBD Products

You can use dabs with other CBD products and with other forms of medical cannabis.

Dabbing is a good alternative for daytime relief, as it will help you consume your CBD in an easy to travel with setup.

You Can Benefit from CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are linked to a ton of health benefits. Even though there is no such thing as a cure-all miracle drug, CBD concentrates sure seem to feel close.

If you want to give dabbing a try to get in your daily amount of CBD, visit our site to shop and browse through our wide variety of waxes and crumbles.

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