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Gold Standard Original Hemp Stix
Gold Standard™ Hemp Stix



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Gold Standard™ Hemp Stix

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-Each pack contains 10 Stix.

-Each individual Hemp Stix contains 75mg of CBD. 750mg CBD per pack.

-Gold Standard Hemp Stix are made with only the highest quality smoking hemp and organic herbs: hemp, mullein, mugwort, and coltsfoot

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Gold Standard Hemp Stix – Ten 1g Pre-Rolled Hemp

These are quite surprising! The herbal blend does give it a comparable taste to tobacco, and the mint is identical to menthol in feel and flavor. The biodegradable filter works very well, keeping the resins in check and less scent on the fingers. A very smooth experience, and the lack of leaf material is very noticeable when compared to discount and even other premium brands out there. You will love these, especially if you are trying to use CBD for smoking cessation purposes!

100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Gold Standard Hemp Stix are made with only the highest quality smoking hemp and organic herbs. Ingredients include: organically-grown CBD Hemp flower,mugwort, mullein, and coltsfoot. Hemp Stix are identical in shape and size to a cigarette but are tobacco and nicotine-free. Hemp Stix are made with unrefined hemp paper, raw unbleached tubes, and a biodegradable filter. Each pack contains 10 Stix. Each individual Hemp Stix contains 75mg of CBD.

FABULOUS FLAVOR — Hemp Stix are made from premium trimmed cannabis flower and a blend of tobacco-alternative smoking herbs. Unlike other hemp pre rolls on the market, absolutely no leaves or stems make their way into our Hemp Stix mixture. This results in a smooth, wonderful flavor and relaxing smoking experience.

MEDICINAL BENEFITS — Our Hemp Stix herb blend was selected based on each herb’s unique medicinal and mystical properties. Mullein is one of the most commonly used smoking herbs and has been historically used to assist respiratory ailments and promote relaxation; mugwort is known to promote lucid dreaming; and coltsfoot is a mild expectorant used to gently clear lungs of smoke residue.

PRECAUTIONS — Hemp Stix contain less than .3% total THC. This product is compliant with the Farm Bill Act of 2014, and is legal in all 50 states. However, anyone who may be drug tested should avoid using hemp flower products or use them with extreme caution, as hemp flower, which is the main ingredient in this product, contains a high concentration of cannabinoids, and may contain a trace amount of THC.

We also highly recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding do not smoke Hemp Stix.


Organically-grown CBD Hemp flower, mugwort, mullein, coltsfoot, organic menthol (mint only), unbleached hemp papers


Use one Hemp Stix once per day, or as desired.

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Gold Standard Hemp Stix – Ten 1g Pre-Rolled Hemp

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1 review for Gold Standard™ Hemp Stix


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  • cbdlover

    Just a slight burn in my throat but maybe I don’t smoke that much. Relaxes me very well. Nice scent.

    May 23, 2019
    Verified Review

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