US Hemp Wholesale High CBD Oil - BLUE Version 15-18%
US Hemp Wholesale High CBD Oil - RAW Version

US Hemp Wholesale High CBD Oil - BLUE Version 15-18%

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Single 1 gram Tube - $24.95
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US Hemp Wholesale High CBD Oil - BLUE Version 15%

1gram Tube:             $39.95
3gram Tube:            $ 99.95
10gram Tube:          $359.95
6 - 10gram Tubes:  $1999.95

All 3 of the US Hemp Wholesale are 15% Concentration.  This means that in 1 gram (1000mg), there is 150mg of CBD.  And, so, with a recommended dosage of 1/2gram, you'd be getting 75mg of CBD Per Serving.  This is quite a bit for most people.  So, you can take less than 1/2 gram if you choose not to take quite so much CBD.  But, if you are taking CBD for a strong condition like cancer or similar, you may very well need this much.  US Hemp Wholesale is a brand that produces a very HIGH GRADE CBD Oil and that uses only a cannabidiol (CBD) that has been very gently extracted.  

US Hemp Wholesale offers this line (available in Blue, Gold or Raw versions) and is the Richest CBD Hemp Oil supplement they offer.  CBD Hemp Oil is naturally a Low THC/High CBD product and is extracted from hemp, not marijuana.  As such, it is legal in all states throughout the U.S.  It does not produce a 'high' to the user.

US Hemp Wholesale maintains strict production standards and manufacturers in an FDA-Registered certified laboratory.  They send samples of their batches out to an independent lab to test using state of the art processes (liquid gas chromatography) to test their products to verify both purity and concentration of the Cannabidiol present in their products.  They also test for other possible compounds such as yeast, molds, E. coli, as well as a total aerobic count in each batch they produce.  Their products are not the cheapest, but you can rest assured if its from US Hemp Wholesale it "is what it claims to be" and is pure and clean.

US Hemp Wholesale offers this line in 3 Versions: BlueGold, or Raw versions.  This product is the Blue Version

Ingredients: Decarbed CBD Hemp Oil

Added Ingredients: None
Form: Paste
1 gram, (150mg CBD) 3 grams (450mg CBD), 10 grams (1500mg CBD).
Decarboxylated^: Yes

^Decarboxylation is a process that simply heats the oil, extracting the CO2 and turning CBDa into CBD.

Which Version is Right for You?

The BLUE version is a thick and dark paste.  If it is a little difficult to squeeze out, warming the tube in a cup of water will thin it slightly.  
The GOLD version is gold in color and is thinner than the BLUE or GOLD version, but is still a thick liquid.  Most people find it very easy to dispense.  This version has a higher concentration of CBD due to the processing removing excess plant material.  Some people store this version in a refrigerator and vape it as they would a wax or dab.
The RAW version is a thick and dark paste like the BLUE.  However, the RAW version also has CBDa (an acid) which many people prefer for their condition.

How to Take:
The recommended amount is 1/2 gram (or 1/2 ml), which will provide 75mg of CBD.  You may take more or less than this.  Simply place the paste under your tongue and move saliva around in your mouth for 1 to 2 minutes.  You can also put this in food or smoothies.  It is recommended to take 2x per day, but, again, you can adjust this to your own need.

US Hemp Wholesale High CBD Oil - BLUE Version

1 Stars
New to CBD
I ordered the Blue version high CBD oil in 1 gram tube for the $40 on the 14th and it arrived on the 24th - when I placed the order I also got the vape pen kit and it got here in 3 days. I have nerve damage and degenerative disk disease in my neck so I wanted to try the CBD products to see if it helped with pain. Sadly neither product helped with my pain. I wasn't expecting a miracle but I did have hope from other reviews on these products. Neither product had any ill side effects and this blue version oil tasted horrible - it took forever to get the after taste out of my mouth and the product stained the rim of my cup I was drinking out of. Im glad I tried both products but neither helped me, I hope other people get better results for the price of the products. Sadly I have to continue taking medication and doing limited activities. I was really hoping I could get my quality of life back but it isn't happening with these items. Best of luck to others that try them.
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Reviewed by:  from NC. on 1/25/2016
4 Stars
Worth it
I have been using cbd for a few months and I really like to use the oils. But I work, and bringing the dropper bottle can be a mess when I need my drops around lunchtime. I needed something portable that i could keep in my lunch box. This works really good. The taste takes some getting used to, but it helps me get to my next dose in the evening. Just for reference, I have two autoimmune disorders with nerve pain, fatigue, and joint problems. This gel seems adequate at keeping me with it till I take my last dose of the day. Small doses morning, noon, and evening has worked well for me. Four stars because the taste is terrible, but the product is as described.
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Reviewed by:  from lenore. on 11/29/2016
5 Stars
Don't mess around
These guys dont' mess around. I've been buying this product from another site for several months. I always had problems getting my stuff. But, I placed my first order here and I got it in 3 days. I'm telling everyone I know about this website.
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Reviewed by:  from Newark NJ. on 3/22/2015
4 Stars
I bought the cbd blue , for my joint pain from my lupus , I found that I have to triple the recommended amount , but I have found great relief using it , I would order the raw next time , but it's to darn expensive for me .
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Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin . on 2/20/2017
4 Stars
I have tried another product that had too much THC for me. Even with this product I still feel little out of it but take it at night and it helps me relax and sleep. It doesn't taste bad. This is first product I tried from you guys and will be trying others in search for a great fit for me- I think everyone is different and takes time to get used to something. Great quality product otherwise!
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Reviewed by:  from Olympia. on 5/17/2015
5 Stars
Tastes Better
I've been taking this for 3 days now and its tastes so much better than what I was taking. I don't feel like I'm licking an ashtray anymore and no more throat burning. Last night didn't even have to take a pain pill! : ) Thank you so much for helping and for introducing me to this.
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Reviewed by:  from Olympia WA. on 5/1/2015

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