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What is Stacking CBD?

What is Stacking CBD?

Strategically combining your supplements can help you achieve your health goals. Called stacking, CBD can be included in your supplement stack.

Stacking supplements is a colloquial term that refers to when multiple types of supplements are taken at or around the same time, or in a specific sequence, to increase their effectiveness. This principle can also apply to CBD products.

When done properly, you will be able to capitalize on the synergistic effect of the individual products working together efficiently. This is also called the entourage effect. According to Dictionary.com:

Synergistic is used to describe things that produce, result from, or otherwise involve synergy. The word synergy refers to when an interaction of elements produces an effect that is greater than the effect that would have resulted from simply adding up the effects of each individual element.

How Stacking Works

Strategically combining your supplements can be thought of in terms of a small pyramid.

The base would be considered the products that you will us daily. For many, these would include items like a multivitamin, fish oil, turmeric, and your favorite CBD product.

The next level would be supplements that are taken to achieve a particular goal for your desired health benefits. When using CBD, taking account of the time frame that a product may take effect is an important factor for many.

In our opinion, it is important to focus on a singular goal for a particular stack. For some, creating a better mental clarity is paramount. For others, a fast acting product to quickly handle certain situations is of great importance. Boosting the immune system naturally would be another possibility. 

Be Cautious

This cannot be stated severely enough. Supplements and CBD oil can be purchased just about anywhere. Always read, then reread, the ingredients and warnings on the product. Consult with your physician prior to any changes in your supplement regimen. This will help determine if any ingredients may interact with any current supplements or medications to avoid possible undesired interactions.

The goal is to do good for your body, not to cause harm.

Common Mistakes When Stacking

When combining supplements, there are a couple of common mistakes folks can make when beginning their journey.

Competing Nutrients

While our focus on combining supplements for beneficial reasons, it is important to also understand how those combinations may not be beneficial.

As an example of this would be how Vitamins B1 and B6 are antagonistic to each other. Vitamin B1, thiamin, requires magnesium to convert B1 into its bioactive form for use in certain enzymes. Having too much B6 can interfere with that synthesis, reducing those thiamin-dependent enzymes in the body.

Another example is Vitamin C being antagonistic with copper. High levels of Vitamin C inhibits absorption of copper by increasing the absorption of iron as they use similar pathways within the body.

A great resource is: https://www.deannaminich.com/vitamin-and-mineral-interactions-the-complex-relationship-of-essential-nutrients/

Replacing Good Nutrition

No matter how awesome your supplement routine is, it will not replace having a good and varied diet. The cliche of “you are what you eat” holds true in every situation.

As Hippocrates wrote in his text titled De Alimento (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0251%3Atext%3DAlim.): “In food excellent medicine can be found, in food bad medicine can be found.” What you put into your body can make it or break it.

Adding in great supplements with a nutritious diet can give you that extra boost towards a more healthful lifestyle.

Types of CBD Stacks

There are two different ways you can stack CBD.

One type is that you take CBD with additional supplements. The other is taking one type of CBD product in combination with another. Each has their own reasons for it.

CBD + Supplements

A part of general supplement stacks is that you are combining different types of products. In this case, you are taking CBD along with another supplement to help accomplish a goal of yours.

For instance, we carry a wide and expanding variety of awesome supplements to help you accomplish your goals. Whether that be reducing daily stress, taking better control of weight management, improving sleep cycles, preventing viral replication, capitalizing on a CBD nootropic for improved brain function and cognitive performance, etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that CBD can affect certain liver enzymes, like cytochrome P450, and if you are taking a product that also utilizes this enzyme, it can affect proper absorption. Do make sure you read labels and we always recommend you consult with a physician familiar with supplements prior to changing your supplement routine.

Different Types of CBD Products

The other type of stacking common with CBD usage involves utilizing different products to take advantage of certain advantages from alternative delivery systems.

The most reported reason to do this is due to the differing speeds that certain products take effect, and using that information to your advantage.

The fastest delivery method with CBD products is being inhaled through the lungs. This is why products like hemp flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vape oils are so popular. 

When inhaled, the vapor is directly absorbed into the blood stream through the alveoli and into the body. The brain is the first stop for this oxygen and cannabinoid rich blood, and because of that the effects of CBD are felt much faster.

The next fastest delivery method is the sublingual application. This encompasses CBD tinctures and pure hemp extracts, as they are held under the tongue for 60-90 seconds. Then they are swallowed, which leads to the digestive system.

Topical applications have a mixed delivery time, depending on the additional compounds used to help CBD into the skin. The CBD molecule itself is too large to pass through all of the epidermal layers. In some instances, this is fine, as you may wish to have CBD on the outer layers of skin. This is great for anti-aging applications as well as afflictions that deal solely with the skin. Other products, like these CBD patches, are designed to transport the CBD through the skin in what is called a transdermal application.

And the slowest method of delivery is through digestion. This is where CBD capsules, edibles, and the remainder of the tinctures and extracts from the sublingual process come into play. Some products can take up to 2 hours to digest fully and be processed by the liver.

With those time frames in mind, the duration of the CBD in the body is also affected. The faster methods are processed more quickly, whereas the slower methods are processed more slowly. The efficiency between methods and products can vary greatly, as well.

Some people will vape a concentrate for an immediate effect, and take a capsule around the same time so that as the dab is wearing off, the capsule will start to kick in.


Combining products to create your desired outcome is a popular practice in the supplement community. Many accomplish goals using a variety of supplements, including CBD. Others find that CBD is extremely beneficial for them, and will combine different types of CBD products to reach their wellness objectives.

Whether you choose a great supplement to accompany your CBD or stick with only CBD, do ensure you have read the labels and understand what the ingredients do and have consulted a physician to ensure you are staying safe and healthy, as that is the goal for providing these fine products.

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