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CBD Hemp Indica™ Custom Blend CBD Oil Drops

  • Custom Product Profile – You Decide!
  • Choose between 250mg – 3000mg per 1 fl oz bottle
  • Select from tons of natural terpenes/flavors, or go all natural
  • Pick one of 4 unique base oils to utilize
  • Enjoy!


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About CBD Hemp Indica™ Custom Blend CBD Oil Drops

CBD Hemp Indica Custom Blend CBD Oil Drops

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could have this oil with this many milligrams of CBD”?

Or, “Why don’t these awesome CBD drops come in cherry flavor?!?!?!”

Wonder no longer! Introducing the fully customizable CBD drops from Hemp Indica. Fully bespoke and made to order.

As one of our longest relationships in the hemp industry, Hemp Indica continues to bring to the table amazing and effective products that you are sure to enjoy. From amazing Super food blends to CBD capsules and more, they have it all!

With these awesome CBD drops, you are in control of your product.

Simply choose the amount of full spectrum CBD you would like in your drops, the flavor you prefer (they only use naturally sourced ingredients…nothing artificial ever), and your ideal organic carrier oil, and you are on your way to feeling great.

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