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Hyasynth First to Market with CBD Produced Using Microbial Biosynthesis

Hyasynth First to Market with CBD Produced Using Microbial Biosynthesis

tl/dr: We are not fans of genetically manipulated organisms, no matter what they produce.

While it is a super interesting to read about, the artificially created microbes to pump out ‘bioidentical’ cannabinoids will most likely cause more harm in the long run than good.

This Hyasynth company claims that their ‘proprietary’ yeast is able to naturally create cannabinoids.

They have a great team of writers over there. They only claim the process of turning sugar into cannabinoids through fermentation is natural. There is no claim that the yeast is natural. Relying on your assumption that because it is yeast, it is wholly natural.

For those who know, this is a common application in the biotech industry, and is a growing trend in the food products market.

Over the years, scientists have created bacteria that can create many things. One of those things is ascorbic acid. The process essentially turns bacteria poop into Vitamin C through the use of catalysts.

I will keep this short…I really like the idea of technological breakthroughs. The knowledge is quite incredible, and turning those ideas into commercial applications is an amazing process.

That being said, we will not carry products that utilize artificially genetically modified organisms like super yeast and bacteria, nor even cannabis plants that have had their genes artificially manipulated.

We will only sell only quality products that come from nature as nature intended.

Perhaps I have made an untrue assumption? Are you familiar with how this company has come to develop it’s special breed of yeast?

Let me know in the comments below! I am all about learning, and with the lack of readily available resources on their site, I am confident in that assumption based on the marketing jargon used to sell the natural process with unknown sources.

Logo: Hyasynth MONTREAL – Hyasynth, a sustainable biotechnology company, takes top spot from global competitors by making the first ever sale of cannabidiol (CBD) produced and extracted from yeast. Hyasynth produces CBD through a yeast fermentation process, without the need for traditional cultivation and extraction from cannabis or hemp plants. The material was produced using Hyasynth’s proprietary yeast under contract by a fermentation partner. This production marks a key commercialization achievement and positions the company to move towards large scale commercial manufacturing. Hyasynth was among the first companies to specialize in cannabinoid production by fermentation, also called cellular agriculture or biosynthesis – a field that has seen more than $500 million in investments over the last three years. Cannabinoids that are produced this way are expected to provide huge benefits in cost, quality and sustainability versus traditional plant cultivation and extraction. Hyasynth’s platform allows it to produce CBD, one […]

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